Top 10 rides that are must see before The Royal Adelaide Show ends

Stefan Centofanti


There are many things to explore at The Royal Adelaide Show, but nothing is more thrilling then the rides. From extreme heights to ludicrous speeds the show has much to offer to adrenaline seekers.


Number 10 Mix102.3’s Jodie and Sodas Haunted House ($10)


This new edition to the show is one of the scariest rides out there. Only the most courageous show-goers have what it takes to survive, are you brave enough?

Number 9 The Big Dipper Super Looper Coaster ($12).


This curvy coater will give you a rush of adrenaline as you experience the famous upside down loop.

Number 8 Cliff Hanger ($9).


The sky-high ride packs thousands of new LED lights and will give thrill seekers the sensation of flying with its tilts and twists.

Number 7 is XXXL ($15).


This high speed thrill ride will pull you at 6.5Gs which is what fighter pilots feel! This ride will twist you and throw you around at lightning speed.


Number 6 No Limit ($15).


Prepare to have a fast and wild experience at 5Gs of force pushing you into a new dimension. This ride really has no limit.

Number 5 Crazy Coaster ($10).


The Crazy Coaster is a must for any thrill seeker. This spinning coaster is fun for the whole family and is a show classic.

Number 4 Extreme ($10).


This fast ride will twist you at 3Gs of force giving you an exciting feeling. The twisting arms will push you to thrilling limits, it’s a must for extreme adrenaline seekers.

Number 3 Speed 2 ($20).


This ride is not for the faint hearted, show-goers will experience extreme heights as well as 3.6gs of force. Speed 2 will spin you at 100kph and push you to your limits.

Number 2 in The Beast $20.


This new ride will blow you away with its extreme speed. This ride lives up to its name with its 45m swing and its 240 degrees of fun.

Number 1 Sky Masters Ferris Wheel ($9).


There’s nothing better than the view you get when you are at the top the Ferris Wheel. The ultimate Royal Adelaide Show classic will give you a smooth ride that allows you to see the Show in all of its glory.



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