10 must-visit stalls in the Taste SA Pavilion

Visiting the Taste South Australia Pavilion is a must for all Show-goers this year at the Royal Adelaide Show! Hosting a wide variety of local South Australian produce, Taste SA is not something to be missed. But with so many different stalls to experience, you might be worried where to start. Well, have no fear, this list is here to help!

Here are the 10 must-visit stalls at Taste SA!

1. Kyton’s Bakery

Kyton's Lamingtons.jpg

Kyton’s Bakery is a name that might sound familiar to some. Featured in multiple supermarkets across South Australia, this baked good brand is a local household favourite. And they’ve brought their signature lamingtons to us this year to spread their yumminess to all Show patrons! If you’re headed to the Taste SA tent, you don’t want to miss out!

2. Bush Tucker Ice Cream


Even with the cold weather at this year’s Show, who can say no to ice cream? Well, Bush Tucker Ice Cream has you covered, and is even bringing a surprising twist to the frozen treat. Inspired by the flavours of the Australian bush, this creative brand is showcasing unique tastes such as Illawarra Plum, Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed, Desert Lime and more! Be sure to check them out!

3. The Figgery Kangaroo Island

The Figgery.jpg

Fig lovers of South Australia rejoice, The Figgery is here just for you! Hosting a range of beautifully dried figs, this Kangaroo Island stall will satisfy all lovers of the sweet fruit. And for those after something more salty, they have olives to taste too! Definitely not a stall to be missed, so be sure to give them a visit!

4. Aunty Joan’s Gourmet Toffee

Aunty Joan's Toffee.jpg

Homemade toffee laced with gourmet nuts – what’s not to love? Aunty Joan’s is sure to delight all sweet-tooths with their range of high-end treats that make you feel right at home. Don’t miss out on a free tasting, get on over to their stalls to try some for yourself!

5. Barossa Fine Foods

Barossa Fine Foods.jpg

For those with a more savoury palette, Barossa Fine Foods has just the thing for you! With a wide selection of gourmet sausages and dried beefs, this SA favourite is sure to impress. There’s plenty to try, so make you come with an appetite!

6. Olives South Australia

Olives SA

Olives South Australia is a taste experience you don’t want to pass up. Their tasting spread comes complete with fluffy bread, flavoursome dukkah, and of course their delicious range of smooth olive oils – it’s a taste explosion! Head on over to their stall during your next Taste SA visit!

7. Fudge It


As seen in this picture, Fudge It doesn’t shy away from any flavour! With the extensive range of gourmet fudge available at their stall, Fudge It offers to take their customers on a journey of fudgey-sweetness! It’s a must-try for all Show-goers!

8. Ragini’s Spice

Ragini's Spice

In the mood for hearty, authentic Indian cuisine? Well Ragini’s Spice is here for you! Whipping up a healthy serving of their easy curry recipes right before your eyes, a taste of Ragini’s Spice will have you begging for more! Trust us when we say, you don’t want to miss out!

9. Gourmet Mable’s Cheese

Gourmet Mable's Cheese

Cheese is a food that’s difficult to pass-up, and with the spread at Gourmet Mable’s Cheese stall it’s practically impossible! This Show-goer favourite not only showcases classics, such as Cheddar, Gouda, Romano and more, but also has a range of cheese dips to taste too! There’s so much to taste, you’d better head there soon!

10. Quinzi’s Confectionary


For all the candy lovers at the Show, Quinzi’s Confectionery is right up your alley! With their gourmet selection of sweetly-covered almonds, Quinzi’s will leave even the sweetest of sweet-tooths satisfied! Visit them soon before it’s too late!


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